worldsofendlesspossibilities asked:

I mostly come here to laugh at rage and death threats you get from SJW and DWM supporters. But then i started to like you and the content you created and upload. it's good to know the MLP fandom has people like you. But i have something to ask here. Why are you stil doing this here? no hate here but DWM was shut down a long time ago?

Yeah, but we just don’t wanna delete the blog, besides, people still have questions about the mods views, about Molly, what happened, etc.

We just dont see a point in deleting the blog is all

askkysar asked:

I was wondering, are you guys actually doing something to bring molestia back? or is this a blog just for fun?. I'll really like it if were trying the first one.

I am afraid there is nothing we can really do to bring her back. All we can really do is keep her memory and such. This blog WAS to protect Molly, but she got taken down.

I really can only work with puppets, so if I were to make this into a Molly Spin-off blog, It would be show style, and a bit limited. Unless the mods here found someone to remake her.

That or we could become the RP blog everyone seems to think we are.

But I am no good at Role-Playing Molestia.

If you wanna read Molly’s Archive, you can download it here (!MEtDAbaZ!QSKzRUQSGdEZNCHU3aRK1y7IYeNJXJeoQH0MNpO_nB8  if the link isnt working) It contains all APM Posts up to the very last one (The button)

If you wanna follow askgamingprincessluna, which is run by JJ (and it is the same Luna from the Molly blog, recent posts will confirm that) you can do so here:


anoncontrarian asked:

I like what this blog stands for. It really does sadden me that there are people who think "I don't enjoy something, therefore no one is allowed to enjoy it". The self-centeredness and lack of empathy that shows is incredible. If something does not actually infringe the rights of others then I see no reason that it shouldn't be allowed. APM being taken down benefited no one, it just caused the rise of the "If you don't agree with me then you should be banned" attitude.

Yes, exactly. Just because one does not like something doesn’t mean it should be taken down. Molly going down didn’t benefit anyone.