anoncontrarian asked:

I like what this blog stands for. It really does sadden me that there are people who think "I don't enjoy something, therefore no one is allowed to enjoy it". The self-centeredness and lack of empathy that shows is incredible. If something does not actually infringe the rights of others then I see no reason that it shouldn't be allowed. APM being taken down benefited no one, it just caused the rise of the "If you don't agree with me then you should be banned" attitude.

Yes, exactly. Just because one does not like something doesn’t mean it should be taken down. Molly going down didn’t benefit anyone. 

non-offensive-humour asked:

Id say yes to the anon. If it involves sexual deviancy or gratutitous violence, torture very obvious abuse, molestation rape, etc in a public setting (the internet is public) then yes Id say dont enjoy it at all but publically thats a whole nother level of endangering someone

non-offensive-humour asked:

How do you feel about children finding porn?

I can’t say im happy about it. I mean, as a child, I accidentally found porn on the internet. Not too proud of that xD

I have made a post on how to help avoid the potential of porn(though it was namely for Molestia  stuff) being found by a child, though, for concerned parents, or people with triggers.

Of course, porn is a risk that comes with the internet, so parents/people in general should be aware of that fact before allowing children on the internet.

So overall, I don’t like it when children find porn on the internet, but it is the internet, and it is to be expected



Hi UpWithMolestia! I see your ask  box is closed—-pity. 

I just wanted to let you know that the created did NOT take down APM due to Hasbro’s requests. The didn’t even look into the topic much (Hasbro). He said something about planning on taking down the blog due to the amount of work being put into it. 

I saw this on your blog and felt like pointing it out.

Hello, just now seeing this. Our askbox has been open. We have yet to close it.

Anyway, I saw a post somewhere that said it was taken down on hasbro’s request. He said he had an ending planned, and it would end soon, but he didn’t intend to take it down after the button post, so im pretty sure it was hasbro/tumblr’s request

Anonymous asked:

(This isn't directed at you, but one of the askers) If its wrong to fetishize something just because it's potentially traumatic then why aren't there people protesting against guro or phobia-inducing porn or virtually any media that involves a portrayal of an immoral act? You don't choose your fetishes, and since most people can tell fantasy from reality what's wrong with fetishizing it if you put it behind clear labels and trigger warnings?

sirderpsalotdarkran asked:

I noticed that a lot of DWM people haven't even read the blog itself (apparently including pinkiepiepony) and I've read EVERY post, the blog wast even really centered around rape. Plus, you know what the APM blog did? It raised awareness to rape culture. That alone gives merit to the blog and Its creator, people are mad because they think feminists shut down the blog. It was hasbro that shut it down. The fact that APM was shut down wasn't a bad or a good thing. This limited freedom of speach.